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About Us

Adaobi Polymers: a recognized company in the design and production of polyurethane products!

Make your designs unique and enhance the ambiance of every, and any, living or working space there is. We make modern designs, classic designs and everything in between. If you have an innovative idea for traditional moldings and trims, tell us about it and we’ll bring it into reality. Custom-made moldings and trims are our specialty.designs

Adaobi Polymers is dedicated to bringing life to architectural styles conceptualized by designers. We have a wide range of product design choices with varying patterns and materials to choose from. Surely, with the choices of materials to work with, you will truly capture the theme and vision that you want to reflect in your projects.

For polymer products with personality, call 1-678-435-6569 or visit our office and get a copy of our catalog.

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